TMG Construction Management, Inc. partners in building your business

Who We Are

Partners in building your business.

We founded our firm in 2007 on the principle that we did not want to be a “one and done” contractor. We wanted to be ingrained into each of our clients’ businesses. We wanted to be able to completely understand what their needs and wants were and be able to help them plan for the future. We wanted to build lasting relationships, not just singular projects. For that reason, we work on a retained basis, focusing on a core group of repeat clients.  All of our business is by referral and repeat clientele.  

We specialize in restaurants and retail because our personalities and values match those of our clients in that industry. We are fast-paced and energetic. We are passionate about quality. We understand that time is money. We recognize that the success of our business hinges upon the success of their business. We understand what our customer wants, how they want it, and we never take them for granted. We care about their business, and we want to be part of the reason it is profitable.

It takes much more than just construction knowledge to run a company that creates lifetime clients. It takes a deep commitment to integrity, values, and trustworthiness.


Our core values are not just something we aspire to – they are a way of life for us. They are how we make decisions about who we want on our team. We view everyone we engage with through the lens of these values to ensure the best possible working relationship for everyone.

We Serve.

We take care of one another. We are all one team – including customers, colleagues, subcontractors. We exist to be of service. What is best for the team is above all else. Everyone wins.

We Solve.

We are not spectators. We are resourceful problem-solvers who lean in, instead of stepping back.  We look for what we can do, instead of making excuses for what we can’t. We are curious and continually seek ways to improve ourselves.

We Will.

Honor commitments. We will do what we say we are going to do when we say we’re going to do it. Do the right thing – every time. We will own up to mistakes, apologize, and make it right. Get it done.

1 Corinthians 3:10-11